Social Innovation Inc.

Social Innovation Inc by Jason Saul

Could Wal-Mart offer a better solution to healthcare than Medicaid? Could GE help reduce global warming faster than the Kyoto protocol?

Social Innovation, Inc. declares a new era where companies profit from social change. Leading corporations like GE, Wellpoint, Travelers and Wal-Mart are transforming social responsibility into social innovation and revolutionizing the way we think about the role of business in society. Based on four years of measuring the social strategies of America’s leading corporations, Jason Saul lays out the five strategies for social innovation and offers a practical roadmap for how to get started.

Social Innovation, Inc. is about making social change work for the business, and in turn staying relevant in the new economy.

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The book will be released on October 16, 2010.


“A must- read for business leaders, policy makers, and not-for-profit executives. Social innovation may be one of the greatest untapped business opportunities and the way to reconcile responsibility and profits.”

William M. Daley,
vice-chairman and head of corporate responsibility, JP Morgan Chase and 32nd United States Secretary of Commerce

“Social Innovation, Inc. is not about companies doing good for good’s sake. Jason Saul provides business leaders with sensible strategies for creating social value as integral drivers of business strategy. His ideas come alive with practical examples from the field.”

Allen S. Grossman,
professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

“A must-read for corporate CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Corporate Philanthropy no longer has to be an obligation for business; this groundbreaking book shows how any company can make social innovation into a business strategy and address one of the great remaining untapped business opportunities,”

Morris Miller,
managing director, Cutstone Ventures, LLC and former CEO, co-chairman & co-founder, Rackspace Hosting

“Jason Saul is framing the big issue for capitalism in the 21st centure. In a totally transparent world the truth is immediately available for all to see. Unless companies commit themselves to being good they simply won’t do well.”

Mats Lederhausen,
founder, BE-CAUSE, and former managing director, McDonald’s Ventures

“Social Innovation, Inc. will help lead the way toward the mainstreaming of an important and creative new framework for us all, from businesspeople to philanthropists, investors and customers, in how we think about integrating social factors into initiatives. Through the work of creative yet practical thinkers such as Jason Saul, we hope that private and public sector leaders alike are rapidly inspired to begin to think differently about the wider social perspective.”

Stephen J. George, co-founder and CIO, Capricorn Investment Group

Table of Contents


Part 1 :The New Economics of Social Change.
Chapter 1: The Rise of the Social Capital Market.
Chapter 2: Responsibility Is Not a Strategy.
Chapter 3: Corporate Social Innovation.

Part 2: Five Strategies for Corporate Social Innovation.
Chapter 4: Strategy One—Create Revenues Through Submarket Products and Services.
Chapter 5: Strategy Two—Enter New Markets Through Backdoor Channels.
Chapter 6: Strategy Three—Build Emotional Bonds with Customers.
Chapter 7: Strategy Four—Develop New Pipelines for Talent.
Chapter 8: Strategy Five—Influence Policy Through Reverse Lobbying.

Part 3: The Roadmap to Social Innovation.
Chapter 9: Creating a Culture of Social Innovation.
Chapter 10: The Formula for Social Innovation.
Chapter 11: Implications of the Social Capital Market.

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