Jason Saul has spoken extensively to a diverse group of audiences on a wide range of topics including next generation CSR strategies, leveraging measurement to increase fundraising efforts and how to measure the effectiveness of private-public partnerships.  If you’re interested in having Jason speak or lead a workshop at your event  please contact speaker@missionmeasurement.com.

Past Speaking Events Include:

Selling Your Impact: How to Raise Money by Demonstrating Results

Are you making a difference? How do you measure and sell your impact? In today’s competitive market, organizations are competing for funding on different terms: it’s not who you know anymore…it’s what you can deliver. As a result, organizations are striving to demonstrate their results and create leverage with funders – both traditional funders and non-traditional sources of support. This workshop will demonstrate why measuring results is critical for organizations to survive and thrive in this market and will give you the tools necessary to measure, market and sell your impact to funders and other key stakeholders.

Beyond Business Case: Measuring the Business Value of Social Impact

In this “Reset Economy,” CSR is under tremendous pressure to demonstrate its value to the business.  To do so, practitioners must transform their work from a compliance function to a business strategy.  Strategic philanthropy, cause marketing and slick sustainability reports aren’t going to cut it.  CEOs, investors and analysts are looking for measurable business impact. What do next generation CSR strategies look like? How are companies actually measuring the business impact of CSR? This workshop, led by Jason Saul, a leading expert in CSR strategy and performance measurement, will share lessons learned from advising leading Fortune 500 companies. Participants will learn how to measure and improve the business value of CSR initiatives.

Creating Business Value: 5 Strategies for Corporate Social Innovation

The role of corporate citizenship is fundamentally changing from a support function to a strategic business unit. The fact is, most citizenship strategies were never designed to produce business value – they were designed to satisfy the social contract.  To survive, citizenship professionals must develop a new set of strategies that drive business value.  Based on three years of research to capture the value of citizenship programs at many of America’s leading corporations, Jason Saul reveals the five social innovation strategies used by companies to drive business results.  Chock full of real-life examples, this session will provide participants with practical advice on how to implement these new strategies and forge philanthropy strategies into socially impactful business strategies.

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